Hassaan - The jack of all subjects

Here he comes stumbling through the classroom his little head full with brains. Be prepared he will outmatch you in any kind of quiz because he is the jack of all subjects. 1´25 cm tall born in pakistan and very smart. The guy who loves cricket and lives in rwanda is awesome.

With his massive brains he created a potion with a little fun and some chasing. He created…. JAWS the awesome chasing game. He used Sam and Kiragu as his testing animals. Finally more and more people played Hassaan´s master creation.

He has two sisters they are 8 and 6 years old. They are called Hafsa and Manal.
He likes everybody in his family. He doesn´t have family dinner´s and doesn´t care. And he loves playing games with his family.

He likes his schooll called international school of kigaly ( ISK ). He has been there for one term. He comes to his school because his mom wanted him to. He loves every subject he is the jack of all subjects. He likes them because he loves them. He thinks p.e. and recess are the same but with different teachers.

Thee brainy Hassaan has 9 friends. They are the fifth grade boys. He got his friends because he needed someone to talk to. He has only been to Tijmen´s house. He plays with his friends often. And his best friends are his cousins. On a scale of 100 he likes them about 100%.

by: Tijmen chiel p.m. van de hoef

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